2017/18 rules

1. All photographs to have been taken on or after 1st Jan 2017.
2. Titles of prints for internal contests must be emailed to the Secretary and Competition Secretary at least 7 days prior to the competition.
3. For internal contests, the image size including mount may be any size.
4. For external contests, the image size including mount to be maximum 40cm x 50cm.
5. Pictures to be titled and have the date that the image originally was taken written on the back.
6. No names of the club or photographer anywhere on the mount.
7. Monochrome images are defined as… using black, white and greys, or ONE colour tone e.g sepia tint.
8. 3 on a theme - 3 pictures chosen which each work individually and as a panel of 3.
.... Label images on back 'left', 'middle' and 'right' with the title of the panel on a separate piece of paper.
9. POTY - Any subject, monochrome or colour, (must not have been entered in any other internal competition before).
....The 'Humphrey Manning Memorial Shield' will be awarded to the winner of the POTY contest.

Images must conform strictly to the subject matter of the category entered and the rules above.
Any pictures not conforming to the rules will be excluded from being judged.